If you were to ask a pastor, priest, deacon, or clergyman what the biggest crisis is facing Christian men today, the vast majority would undoubtedly agree that it is pornography.

And yet it would appear that nothing more can be said or written about the sin of pornography that hasn’t already been stated. Bookshelves are overflowing in Christian bookstores, and the internet is bursting with videos, blogs, and websites committed to combating porn.

With such an abundance of resources available to combat porn, why are so many Christian men still in bondage to it? 

​​​​"Men, no matter what crazy events are going on in the world around you, what you think the future holds, or how busy your life may appear—this is your war right now. If you are looking at pornography, attaining victory over this affliction must take precedence in your everyday life."                                                             Lost on Planet XXX


In vivid detail, author Jay Lampart lays out several reasons why the internet pornography crisis Christian males are facing today is so unique and dire. He then presents five very simple, but highly effective weapons that are available to us as Christians to combat it.

This is not a book for the faint of heart. Along the way, Jay Lampart asks very difficult questions, and relates to the reader by sharing very personal stories of his own journey through struggle and redemption.

"Lost on Planet XXX is written in a style that is approachable and concise. This author understands the addictive mind, and presents practical advice and a fresh perspective on a topic that had plagued men for centuries." 

"Although many outside of the Catholic Faith will take issue with some of the doctrine presented in this book, it is simply a must read for any Christian struggling with pornography, regardless of their Ecclesiology."


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